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HalaalGoods Market – Jozi

Food, Products and more, an event that has halaal food but is open to all!

Please note the DEADLINE is 30 April 2018, any responses received after this date will not be considered.

Please read the “IMPORTANT INFORMATION” page on our website in full before applying.

Submit 3 good quality images of your products via email to with the subject line, the proposed name of your stall.

The Fine Print

Hi-Res images will be requested should your application be successful.

Please ensure that you have good pictures of your products to be submitted for marketing of the event and your stall at the event. Low-res, blurry images will inhibit the successful marketing of your products. NO GOOGLE IMAGES will be accepted.

Please note, the market will not be featured as an islamic market but a halaal market. All consumable products have to be halaal, if the business is not muslim owned, a certificate for halaal will be required. Applications are open to vendors of all religious persuasions. There may be music played at the market hence it is not an islamic event.

The market will initially take place once every three to four months, if a need arises for a more regular market it will be upgraded to this shortly.

Please note that vendors may change from market to market to encourage diversity and constant change in the market. No fake or replica goods will be allowed. PLEASE NOTE: WE DISCOURAGE APPLICATIONS FROM MASS IMPORTED OR MASS PRODUCED COMMERCIAL ITEMS.

We would like to encourage small businesses to apply that are producers and makers.

We would also like to encourage traditional halaal food from all cultural backgrounds to apply for a stall.

We look forward to your application.

Please read our IMPORTANT INFORMATION tab on our website in full before applying.

Additional Info:
The first selection round is based on your offering, its uniqueness and artisanal nature.
The second round is based on your product photos, so make sure you have beautiful photos showcasing your photos in the best way possible on your online platforms.
The third round is based on the quality and activity in your online content and brand image.
The styling of and display in a stand at HalaalGoodsMarket is extremely important. Professionally taken photos of products and previous displays will show us that you have the ability to put together a well styled stand for the HalaalGoodsMarket

Make sure you apply in time, as we do not accept any late applications.

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  • Still recovering from our birthday weekend! It was epic! The #HGMbabalaas is real 🤣 
#halaalgoodsmarket branded balloons from @skytoys_ and bunting from Print Quarter
  • Alhamdulillah we made it to our first birthday, from us and all the vendors of the #halaalgoodsmarket we would like to thank you for the support of the market and all the small businesses. 
We hope that you had a wonderful time and we appreciate your patronage. 
As with a young growing market there are lessons we learn from each market and things that do not always go as expected, we would therefore like to apologize for any shortcomings from our side and would like to ensure you that we endeavor to grow from our mistakes and do better each time. 
We look forward to seeing you at the next one! 
From us to you, Jazakallah. Shukran. Thank you. Dankie. Ngiyabonga. Re a leboga. Enkosi

#halaalgoodsmarket #firstbirthday #allourvendorsinonepic
  • #Alhamdulillah for everything indeed! We have been blessed to host another amazing #halaalgoodsmarket attended by awesome patrons and vendors alike. Official Thank you from the organizers to follow soon. A @fehmz initiative.
  • Cajun braaied Snoek @snoeksisters @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo
  • Don’t be a sour face, you gonna love it @sweetandsour_sensations @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo
  • Salad? It’s here @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo
  • Gluten free chocolate cake? Yes it exists @tonkabeanbakery @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo
  • @icecream.iloveyou rolling those scrolls @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo
  • Summers coming get kitted @halaalgoodsmarket #halaalgoodsmarket 
Last day of trade get here soon and escape the #fomo

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