Important Information

Information on Application and Selection to the #HalaalGoodsMarket

  • All applications must be done online via our link, through our website
  • The submission of your application does not mean that you have been selected to take part in the HalaalGoodsMarket, please read below information on how the process works. All applications have to be done online – emails and DMs and whatsapp messages will not be entered into the system
  • Things to consider/take into account before applying:
    • We do not accept big, commercial brands that are already launched in the market place.
    • Do not apply if your products are all imports. We accept very few imported products based on their uniqueness to market only.
    • Do not apply if you cannot be at the show selling your own product or if you cannot send a representative that knows your brand like you do.
    • The HalaalGoodsMarket only supply “space” with a shared plug point in most places (one table and one chair, no partitioning unless mentioned)
    • We want you to design your space to showcase your brand with your own identity and creativity, this is what also makes our market unique.
  • Please note that we will only be able to tell whether the specific stand size requested, as per your application, is available upon final layout.
  • Applicants MUST be able to trade for all market days, splitting of days between vendors will no longer be allowed.
  • All costs for participation will be sent to the successful applicant directly once the complete selection has been made, costs differ according to product type, size of stand required and electrical/gas needs of vendors. An expected price is between R4300-R4700 for the duration of the market per single stall.
  • If you need an idea of the size of a stall please see images of the previous markets, a single stall is one table length only, fresh food stalls are slightly larger to accommodate a preparation area and are on the higher side of the price category.

Application Criteria

The most important criteria that we look at are:

  • Product originality – unique and original; first to the market if possible and innovative in design.
  • Local – majority of products to be proudly South African in concept and creation. Whilst products might contain imported components, they must be conceived and hand-finished locally. Products from neighboring African states will also be considered.
  • Our Markets – our visitor profile evolves at every market however our visitors expect high quality, artisanal goods that are well priced and beautiful/delicious. Bulk use of frozen mass produced items for food stands are frowned upon (for e.g. frozen chips, storebought patties).
  • Quality – this is very important as the HalaalGoodsMarket is becoming well known for showcasing quality products.
  • OVER EXPOSURE – we are a platform for launching new products and businesses and although we will not restrict participation in other markets, we want to present our visitors with a unique experience and therefore, we are very careful not to select products/applicants that are over exposed. If an applicant is appearing at a market every other weekend, this affects buyer anticipation greatly.
  • Suitability to market
  • In the case of food preparation, the type of foods to be made (the variety kept in line with a theme and not too vast a menu) A menu that has too many items does not allow for specialization.
  • Limit of duplication among food vendors (2-3 maximum duplicates will be the aim but will up to the discretion of the committee)
  • Innovation of product (not replicas/fake products)
  • Small Business (owner made items or reseller)


After the applications have been closed, the HGM selection committee members start with the selection process. The committee is completely anonymous and its composition will not be shared with the public.

The selection process takes up to four weeks, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. If you do not hear from us, please consider your application unsuccessful.

Rules and regulations:

  1. All fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (to another show or person)
  2. Your space will only be confirmed once you have paid your full fee.
  3. It is compulsory to complete your indemnity form
  4. All traders must use some alternative form of receiving payment in addition to cash. Please ensure all cash received is kept safely locked. The market will not be responsible for loss or theft of your personal belongings or daily sales takings
  5. Punctuality and readiness is important. All vendors are required to be ready to trade by the time the market is open to the public. No exceptions will be considered. Lateness and lack of preparedness will incur a fee of R200 for each occurrence.
  6. Engage and be courteous to your customers, this leaves a lasting impression to the visitor of the market
  7. Pricing – it is important to be affordable in pricing to attract your customer and bring them as return visitors, previous markets saw vendors overprice items and this has a negative impact on the impression created for your products. Note that covering of stall fees should be spread over the number of products that are produced. Pricing of products should be exactly the same should the customer purchase your product from you outside of the market dates and times.
  8. If you are seen to allow visitors to skip queues, cheat the VIP buying session, have them use vendor entry tickets to enter the market, invite them to the build up session or use any means that are frowned upon and affects the smooth running of the market, you will be asked to leave the show immediately forfeiting entry fees and will not be selected again.
  9. Respect the organisers and their team at all times in particular when instructions are given.
  10. Parking – if you are found to be parked in a way that inconveniences other vendors, public and businesses around the area of the market as well as violating the laws of parking, you will be fined R200 for each offence.
  11. We cannot be held responsible for faulty emails- if we cannot get hold of you during the process you will automatically be taken off the system. We only use one email address per application for correspondence, so please make sure that the first email address on your application is the preferred method.
  12. It is the applicant’s responsibility to send necessary info onto their own team.
  13. The selectors have the right to suggest changes to your range, styling, product pricing, approve a portion of your range/menu etc.
  14. No products must infringe on any copyright, if so the market organisers have the right to cancel your participation in all other markets, without refunding of any monies and also have the right to not select you again.
  15. Although we do our utmost to make sure that all possible measures are taken in terms of security, the HalaalGoodsMarket takes no responsibility for any losses experienced during any of our markets including entry to or exit from the market.
  16. Should you be selected, your placement on the layout will be done by the designer and there is no possibility to make constant changes to your placement and position in the market.
  17. NO vinyl banners will be allowed in the venue. Tacky signage will be removed by organiser. No compensation will be given for signage that has been removed. No pamphlets are to be handed out at the venue, at your stand nor in the parking lot or eating/praying areas.
  18. No chairs from outside the venue will be allowed to be used on your stand. No plastic stools allowed.
  19. The selectors have years of experience and their decision is final.
  20. Please note, the parking is owned and operated by the owners of the venue and not by the organisers, are therefore not responsible for any issues that may arise from your parking in the designated parking and/or around the area.

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It’s been an unexpected year, with only one HGM held this year we wanted to throw it back to all the patrons, vendors and supporters. The #halaalgoodsmarket is what it is because of you, your love, support and encouragement. 

We feel as if it’s become a part of the fabric of the market scene in South Africa. HGMfamily is a concept we hold close to our hearts 🇿🇦

2020 will not see HGM reach it’s 10th birthday, there will not be another fully fledged market happening this year. 

The health and safety of society is far too important to us to risk hosting an event of the magnitude that we do at the HalaalGoodsMarket and we would not want our patrons to have half an experience. 

We are instead going to focus on preparing for a kick-ass first mega HGM in 2021! 

Applications will open soon (please do not DM us), when it opens the announcement will be placed on social media so ensure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram in order to stay up to date. 

Have a wonderful heritage day South Africa! 

#southafrica #heritage #hgm #market #johannesburg #local #lovelocal #shotleft #localislekker #fehmz
  • On the 29th of July 2017, the very first HalaalGoodsMarket took place at a venue in Kramerville in Sandton.

We chose a space that fitted the industrial feel we wanted, we designed a market that fitted the dream of an offering that was different to the usual and we had over 40 vendors put their trust in us and participate in our inaugural market.

We were overwhelmed with support by communities across religious, cultural and racial streams to the point of upsetting many patrons with very long lines and crowds (we are still sorry!) 

I could not have anticipated that so many patrons would come out and support this “idea” that was hatched all the way in 2013.

Today would have been our 3rd “birthday”, our third year of existence and oh how much we have grown. 

We have come a long way since then, and we still have an exciting journey ahead of us, HGM has become a part of the blood in our veins.

I miss HGM. My team misses HGM. We miss HGM.

See you again soon. Happy birthday to us ♥️ Alhamdulillah 

(Flashback to pictures from our very first EPIC fail & win market back in 2017, pics courtesy of @manmakecoffee )

#halaalgoodsmarket #artisanmarket #halaal #halal #food #drink #products #madeinSA #thefirst
  • May you have a blessed Eid to all those celebrating 🖤

We hope that we were able to bring a piece of HGM to your homes.

We loved putting the #HGMbox together for you. We will most certainly be bringing you more curated boxes in future! (Please mute sound if sensitive) #halaalgoodsmarket #eidmubarak
  • The first ever #HGMbox has been shipped. This was a task and a half, one that was a very new learning curve for us. So if you have ordered a box, you might have to anticipate the following:

1. We tried to do a personalised card inside the order. Realised that it’s overwhelming as a first attempt at couriering a curated box. So you may receive the wrong postcard, but your contents will be correct.

2. If you ordered more than one box, it may come to you in two batches rather than one. Human error, we booked a second courier at our expense to get your products to you.

3. Courier handling, we put bubble wrap inside the box AND outside the box. We send out packages that are perfectly wrapped however we cannot control the handling by courier, despite telling them and marking it fragile, you may experience a breakage, please forgive us and get in touch.

4. Each box, is packed by us with gratefulness, appreciation and excitement. We hope that you enjoy the treats! 
Please forgive us of any shortcomings with regard to our very first HGMbox. Your support has been immensely appreciated. 
If you have any queries or issues please email us, the link is in our profile. 
  • We are humbled and excited!! We are SOLD OUT. You have supported us like always! We will ship your piece of HGM out soon 🙌🏽 #HGMbox #halaalgoodsmarket
  • If you ordered an #HGMbox then you just got UPGRADED!! @maverickandjane are swopping out their popcorn cone for one of their NEW Eid Slabs at no extra cost!! Whoop whoop 🙌🏽 The first of it’s kind, HGM Treat Box is here. Bringing a piece of the HalaalGoodsMarket into your home.

Hop on to our website https://www. halaalgoodsmarket to purchase. .

All orders received until Sunday 17th May 2020 will despatch from Monday-Tuesday.

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  • The freshest addition to our boxes are being rolled and dipped, burfee truffles from @fortheloveofburfee will be heading into our boxes tomm, we are getting ready to ship!

The first of it’s kind, HGM Treat Box is here. Bringing a piece of the HalaalGoodsMarket into your home.

Hop on to our website https://www. halaalgoodsmarket to purchase. .

All orders received until Sunday 17th May 2020 will despatch from Monday-Tuesday.

#hgmbox #firstever #halaalgoodsmarket
  • One of the two newest flavours of @fehmzmocktails will be included in the #HGMbox ♥️ .
The first of it’s kind, HGM Treat Box is here. Bringing a piece of the HalaalGoodsMarket into your home. Our first variety box of 22 items from 14 vendors of the market. It’s a whopper! 
Hop on to our website https://www. halaalgoodsmarket to purchase. .

All orders received until Sunday 17th May 2020 will despatch from Monday-Tuesday.

All orders received after that date will be accumulated and despatched by Thursday – Final orders to be received by Tuesday 19th May 2020

Orders received from 20th May 2020 will be processed from 25th May onwards.

#hgmbox #firstever #halaalgoodsmarket
  • If you ordered an #HGMbox then you just got UPGRADED!! @maverickandjane are swopping out their popcorn cone for one of their NEW Eid Slabs at no extra cost!! Whoop whoop 🙌🏽 .

The first of it’s kind, HGM Treat Box is here. Bringing a piece of the HalaalGoodsMarket into your home. 
Hop on to our website https://www. halaalgoodsmarket to purchase. .

All orders received until Sunday 17th May 2020 will despatch from Monday-Tuesday.

#hgmbox #firstever #halaalgoodsmarket

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