All praises are due to the Almighty alone for the success of the event.

He tested us and taught us many lessons from both the good and bad challenges we had over the weekend.

We would like to express our extreme gratitude for the incredible support (and patience) of the public, the participation of the vendors, the bloggers and influencers, the onsite crew from Ubunye Staffing Solutions who were our eyes, ears and hands, the security, the cleaners, the venue coordinators and many others.

Planning an event is no simple feat, and we really appreciate the support of those who experienced the #halaalgoodsmarket, we hope to see you again at the next one.

Your positive encouragement and support of the entrepreneurial spirit of this initiative and the efforts of the small businesses who gained exposure and access to a wide market of wonderful consumers is exactly why we are doing this!

We have a vision to have a sustainable recurring market that will become a more regular feature in Jozi and we are working towards it. Every event is a learning curve. We hope that the #halaalgoodsmarket will become a regular feature on your calendar too.

We have a great long list of things we will do differently and exciting new ideas to make the future markets even more amazing!
We are grateful for your support of the #halaalgoodsmarket
It was ROCKING! See you at the next one!
The @halaalgoodsmarket team